The Sky Is Watching

Georges Berges Gallery

Opening Reception Thurs. May 2, 2019
462 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012
on view thru May 25th, 2019

Ford Crull

Ober Gallery

Kent, CT
Oct 20th - Nov 18th, 2018

In Conversation: Ford Crull and Carter Ratcliff

"The Figurative Work"

1974 - 2018
Cross Contemporary Art
July 20, 2018

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Monograms and Crossroads

Ford Crull, Friesen Gallery

Sun Valley, Idaho
March - April 2018


Of Sight and Sound Performance

Ford Crull and Brandon Ross

The Stoop Series


Of sight and sound is an art/ music collaboration that challenges the accepted aspects of our human condition. By painting "blind" and listening to the improvised music, the visual part of the performance seeks to expand the possibilities of our other senses becoming more acute to create a visual (dialogue? ) that references our symbolic nature while leaving to chance the end result.

What we normally see may be just a reflection of something more real and profound in the quantum world . This performance attempts to qualify a more profound level of existence that is innate to us all but to which we rarely are in touch with.
The musicians are also forced ( in dialogue ) to improvise their truth as they are watching the painting come to fruition .

Ultimately the act invites the viewer to be more cognizant of a deeper reality than what they are normally conditioned to accept and expand their inner senses to manifest a more cogent perception of their true nature

Bartlett Lobby Installation

Ford Crull

Bartlett Installation
June 2016

After a site survey and dialogue with the curators of the space, two Ford Crull paintings are installed in the lobby of The Bartlett in Washington DC.


Commission by:


Painters on Painting


Ford Crull on Paul Klee for Painters on Painting

Painters on Painting is a site for artists to share their favorite art works. Each week, one artist chooses a piece that has gotten under their skin — be it as a simple attraction or as part of their pantheon of Greatness — to put words to that selection and parse the particulars of that work’s Distinctiveness.


The Brooklyn Rail


"Is it possible to define art?"

Carter Ratcliff of the Brooklyn Rail asked several people in the artworld what would their definition of art be in today’s contemporary art scene.

My response is here:

The Brooklyn Rail