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By Jen Williams Dragon

Ford Crull’s paintings are known for their symbology, gestural forms and kaleidoscopic spaces.

Originally from Seattle, Crull emerged in the Lower East Side in the early ‘80s and has continued to exude the rugged spirit of that explosive cultural era in New York City. In his latest solo exhibition, Many Rivers to Cross, recently at the Happy Hour Gallery, Crull embraces an abstract musicality in artworks that have been, for the most part, painted during the Pandemic…..  click here for full article

Of Sight and Sound

Of Sight and Sound is the striking collaboration between painter Ford Crull and composer Brandon Ross as they purposefully place themselves in a state of heightened awareness and vulnerability to create a work of art together. Crull and Ross, who call themselves brothers in spirit, set out to explore what happens when they harness the power of the present moment in a live, unscripted performance that connects them deeply to one another. The process invites viewers into this immersive experience, joining the artists on a singular journey of imagination and wonder.

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