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By Jen Williams Dragon

Ford Crull’s paintings are known for their symbology, gestural forms and kaleidoscopic spaces.

Originally from Seattle, Crull emerged in the Lower East Side in the early ‘80s and has continued to exude the rugged spirit of that explosive cultural era in New York City. In his latest solo exhibition, Many Rivers to Cross, recently at the Happy Hour Gallery, Crull embraces an abstract musicality in artworks that have been, for the most part, painted during the Pandemic…..  click here for full article

Of Sight and Sound Performance

Ford Crull and Brandon Ross

The Stoop Series


Of sight and sound is an art/ music collaboration that challenges the accepted aspects of our human condition. By painting “blind” and listening to the improvised music, the visual part of the performance seeks to expand the possibilities of our other senses becoming more acute to create a visual (dialogue? ) that references our symbolic nature while leaving to chance the end result.

What we normally see may be just a reflection of something more real and profound in the quantum world . This performance attempts to qualify a more profound level of existence that is innate to us all but to which we rarely are in touch with.
The musicians are also forced ( in dialogue ) to improvise their truth as they are watching the painting come to fruition .

Ultimately the act invites the viewer to be more cognizant of a deeper reality than what they are normally conditioned to accept and expand their inner senses to manifest a more cogent perception of their true nature

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Paul Larsen Gallery

Ford Crull is a talented contemporary artist whose work captivates audiences with its vibrant energy and striking compositions. Known for his bold use of color and expressive brushstrokes, Crull’s paintings convey a sense of dynamism and emotional depth. His artistic style is characterized by abstract forms and fluid lines, which merge to create visually captivating narratives. Crull draws inspiration from various sources, including nature, music, and human emotion, resulting in artworks that evoke a range of feelings and provoke introspection. With a masterful command of technique and an intuitive understanding of composition, Ford Crull continues to push boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the art world with his captivating and thought-provoking creations.